Monday, March 9, 2015

To my Bestfriend. . .

To my Best friend,

    You are such a wonderful ray of sunshine to the people around you, and I can only dream of making an impact on other people lives like you. You are one person who would drop everything to help another and I am more than blessed to have you. We don’t need to talk everyday and shares all the little details about what happened in our day. But when things go great or things fall apart we know who to count on. I promise you that I will always have your front,back,left,right sides covered even your 34568416 miles away.

   You will always be the Anna to me Elsa, the Serena to my Blair, the Bonnie/Caroline to my Elena,you are the bones to my spine, the brain to my heart , the peanut butter to my jelly, milk to my cereal,cheese to my macaroni,ice cream to my sundae, butter to my bread, cherry to my cake, chilli to my pepper, the iced to my coffee, gravy to my chicken, sago to my gulaman ,buko to my pie, the mang tomas to my lechon the ... okay you get it.

   Thank you for all those times you were there for me, listening to my rant and cry even about the same things over and over. Thank you for making me laugh even when I can’t smile. Thank you for never giving up on me and for constantly showing me that there is life and a world outside my own.  Thank you for tirelessly putting my bent, beaten and broken together. Thank you for always been a shoulder to count on. Thank you for your genuine care for me, your generosity, your weirdness among many things.

   Thank you for giving me these reasons and a million more too thankful for. You will be my bridesmaid and I be better yours , I will always be the 11th liker on your instagram post, I will always like your profile picture even it is not you on it, I will always love you more than you love books, kpop, cakes, fries, burgers , milkteas, beers or cigars and everything in between. You will always be a sister to me. You will always be my best friend . You’re stuck with it, suck it up.

Your Bestfriend. xx

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