Sunday, June 30, 2013

A date with Kafatidz | Selfie Edition

It was good spending these past few days with this girls, it had been a while since we hungout and I missed them (even though I keep on seeing adellou at school particularly sa CONSEJO OFFICE) and Ivy just recently when I got my pasalubong from her :) hoho naisingit pa?. BTW kamsa hamnida! Last Night! reminds me on why we all became best of friends in the first place. 


Lemme just share a quick story when we started to became FRIENDS. 

We are sisters from other mother. Hi Mommy Cruela! *sabay wave* . Actually we became friends since when we became a student assistance at Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School Library. (No acronyms allowed, para mahaba ano ba! :D) YUP we are scholars. Mutants and Proud! CHAROT! XMEN??.   The memories we had, good or bad, from hating our duty scheds, hating ATE *toot*, hating students , from how the library bell rang, from the loudest SSSSHhhhhhhhhhh, from how we print lyrics using the epson printer, from how we sort the magazines and newspapers, how we file the books, how we open Friendster and Facebook, when we need to go to the bodega HAAAY life! , and how to make palusot when we are going to absent. HAHAH! and specially when Mommy meets Daddy Binoy! :DD HAHAHA Uyyyy! All of this will never fade away. :) Thats it! Right Kafatidz! Joan, Ivy, jade, Adel, Jelay and Michelle =) .


HAHAHAH YEAR 2009 at PASEO del MAR yeap! ACCOUNTANCY vs MANAGEMENT :DD (collage na lang huh) and USO po and PEACE sign :D HAHAHAH *peace*
HI THERE! meet the SHOPLIFTERS of  SHOP-O-RAMA :DD HAHAHAHAHAH  JK (Im so happy for what Ive recieved OBVIOUS naman!) 
YAN LANG KINAIN namin! POBRESA mode lang :D  JUNKS for healthy living :D 

Oh hi Adel! HAHA ikaw na ang STAR ng PASKO :D charot! :P

Where's the sun? :D HAHAHAHA


Lets Start with a SELFIE! :) Hihih Hi there! :)


 Love this pic with JELAY :D
Since palaging ABSENT si ADEL eto! We attended a debut party of  family friend of mine EJ which is a childhood friend of ADEL. 
Instant Pictorial lang after the 18 candles&treasure speech. :D Hallway, Stairs and the most decent background COMFORT ROOM,. HAHAH :D


A date with Adel and Ivy 

We decided to watch the Star Cinema 20th Anniversary presents the FOUR SISTERS AND A WEDDING. We enjoyed watching the movie as in.. (Singit singit din :D)

Blurry Ticket! 

Yup so before going home we decided to try this new restaurant/cafe along the town which is the BOJOL GRILL, (but actually we just really want to try the The FRAP BAR Zamboanga,) So FAR this is the most decent FRAPPED here in Zamboanga. definitely need to come back and try the entire menu EVERYTHING'S SO GOOD. We tried the Berries and Cream.

Here's to a closer Look.. Berries and Cream. :) 
Oh Yes! Excuse me teh Ivz :D HAHAH 

 Mcdo Burger and Fries :9

Mcdo Fries and burger with Frappe = YUM :) 

SELFIES we love it, or simply I lOVE IT! With the invasion of INSTAGRAM, the selfie phenomenon isnt going away anytime soon so why not make the most of it? RIGHT?

No Filter! Just me and the number 1 sign :D HAHAHAH and of course with my frappe :)

Yup Just her and the Peace Sign! :D (teh ivz) 

Hmmf magpapahuli ba si ADEL?? HAHAHA :D

Why not take a few hundreds snapshots to capture the moment even if that moment included our FACE, HAHAHAH Pagbigyan niyo na kami paminsan minsan lang din naman ang ganito. (WEH?)

While waiting for the order ayan! picture2 ang peg :) 

Teh Ivz and your's truly! :) 
Yes! Teh Ivz and Adellou :) 
Others lang si teh IVZ :D hohoh

Fish Eye! Hating Kapatid! :D 
Okay lang se Adellou! :D HAHA :D 
Shameless! I know But it wasnt all the selfies. We did try some shots which turned out pretty well noh? LOOOK!

Everyday is FRAP DAY. THE FRAP BAR :) 

Eto yung sinasabi nila HATING KAFATID! :D HAHAH

But of course, we ended out a photo session with another SELFIES LOL.

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Hi :) (Wala ng macaption)
Follow her on twitter: @ivmariot & IG: @ivzmariot 
OOPS! wait wait wait! sa movie may BLOOPERS, eh ako may STOLEN SHOTS!! :P

Peace yew! :D 
Teh Ivz busy opening the catsup! :D 
Our little food adventure to the lovely place called Bojol Grill- The Frap Bar. I encourage you guys to give this place a shot. I promise that you guys will not only leave with happy full bellies, but with new and wonderful memories. :)

So if you liked it then please share…if you didn’t then share it anyway! :)

Stay tuned for more entries like this in the future and I hope you enjoyed reading. Still have some to post just gathering some pictures to use so I hope you come back for that as well! Thank you again for reading my blog! Love yewwww alll!!!!! :)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Picture is worth 1000 words more or less

Picture credits to :)

Hi everyone! Thank you all for visiting my blog! It means a lot to me that some of you really made an effort in visiting this new site. Im still a newbie and I think I need someone to help me in editing cause for me its too dry, right? HAHA . I promise to try and keep the posts as interesting as possible so you guys keep coming back for more! Hihi :)

Im just a simple girl who really loves to take pictures it was influenced by INSTAGRAM. :) HAHAHA 

Pictures credits to :) 

Hi there! Im Thereze Jane Fernandez, from Philippines. A blue blooded, koreanatic, supporter and INSTAGRAM addict. Okay! In short Expect more annoying SELFIES and other unnecessary pictures. (HAHAH)

 I made this blog as a semi tribute for all of  the pictures I took from selfies, throwback, annoying, ootd, foodporn,. travel,  etc. BUT to think this PICTURES ARE ALL WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS MORE OR LESS.   


PS: Feel free to suggest what would you like to know about me or put on something etc.,. For now I will keep it short and simple. =) 


June 20, 2013