Monday, September 23, 2013

2ne4 | eh eh eh eh

Im 2ne4!! 

Here's to a Little Me :)  

24 years after, I dont really feel much older but I feel so much has happened. So lets see in 2ne4 years Ive

Blessed by God giving me with such amazing parents. Mom, Dad and 1 annoying brother.

 met my second family which is my (true) F.R.I.E.N.D.S from PCS - DOYZ- DREAMTEAM- KAFATIDZ 

seen how my brother gives us "major major" headaches, stress, pain etc (HAHA) :D 

 been in love with the wrong person.  (uh-huh) 

I got scholarship grant from one of the universities in town (proud)
got 1 boyfie   and ended 1 month (oops! sorry! :P)

 graduated college at Ateneo de Zamboanga University with a major in Office Administration.  (Mary for you, for your white and blue)
 been rejected to some marketing and business fields.
got 2 working experiences "business to institution"
got my first salary and gave it all to my mom. (urgh such a superstitious beliefs
 seen my grandma got through complications about her health but survived! (been blessed by god and we're thankful). 
 gone through 1 major and 2 minor heartbreaks. HAHA ano to course? eto po yung mga naudlot again NAUDLOT! :D BWAHAHAHA san kayo jan? :D )
 got 3 godsons and 3 god daughters.  (kalain mo yown? :D)
was bullied for being too S-E-X-Y!! (daymn! FRIENDS!! Lam Na! :D HAHAHA)
 surviving that time of a month "dysmenorrhea"
 got the chance to buy clothes, shoes and other necessities with my own savings.


 hopefully next year Im going to push my tour to Seoul korea. (Lets Pray for that..Help me! #fingerscrossed
Im patiently waiting for someone worth my time to come into my life. (Yes I learned a lot from my past, people come and go, and some of them are impatient to wait. So better kilatisin ng mabuti and hanggang saan aabot ang pasensiya niya, HAHA I believe that there will be someone someone is destined to be in our life, fate will keep them there. AMEN! "semi-smile")
If there's anything I can wish for, it would be to keep my parents in good health, thats all! :)

I'm wishing and hoping that SOON, everything will be fine & things can go back to the way it used to be.

So there you have it!! Now that Im 24, I dont feel like Im old at all. (as long as nasa calendar pa we're not old HAHAH), I feel like I'm adult when paying important bills but otherwise, I still feel like a kid excited to see the world. :) 

The future does indeed exist because I've made ​​it through another one, 1-year period of my age. Thank you for all the experiences of this past years, for times of success which will always be happy memoriesfor times of failure which reminded me of my own weakness. Another year has come and gone. I’m older and not much wiser. But, at least I know that I have friends and family that cares enough about me to take time out of their busy schedules to remind me of it all and celebrate the passing of another year of my life. I am so thankful for the birthday wishes from my friends and family, you truly make life so much more enjoyable DESPITE of what happened for the past "days"/ "week". I am grateful to have found my purpose and passion. I am grateful for today. Facebook and twitter is piling up with “Happy Birthdays”, and my phone hasn’t stopped dinging all morning.  GRACIAS!! 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Rainy Afternoon | OOTD

This will be my SIGNATURE POSE :D HAHAHA (DOnt Judge)

 This is my favorite top from Three Wishes Shop  :) I feel so comfortable when I used to wear PULLOVERS I chose to wear this because I wanted to just feel very cozy and warm and it fits to the weather! :)  (Oops! Sorry for the Messy Hair! :)