Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters ❤ | Life's Library

Let me just share to you what Ive been  hooked this past few days,. Uh-huh! I got this new book entitled THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by JOHN GREEN. This is a highly recommended book, So I got one and read it. 

Let me me introduce to you the main cast of it. :)  HAZEL GRACE LANCASTER  she is a sixteen year old girl living with terminal thyroid and lung tumours. She is the 'narrator' of The Fault in Our Stars and Augustus Waters' s main love interest. 


AUGUSTUS WATERS seventeen-year-old, an ex-basketball player and amputeehas mahogany colored hair. His eyes are a beautiful chocolate brown. He also has one fake leg, losing it from his cancer. Augustus is also tall and muscular. 

When I first bought The Fault In Our Stars, I honestly thought I would be like every other corny love story – but with cancer. But when I opened the book, and began to read it, I couldn't stop. I swear, It took me 3 days to finished the books due to some other "priorities".. I know this sounds cheesy, but it changed me. Reading this book, you will laugh one minute, then KILIG and cry the next. 

The book has so much you can learn from it about life in general; love, death, pain, joy, oblivion.. And all these things were portrayed so well. 

 It changed my views in life  and death. And by the end of the book, I felt as if I knew Hazel and Augustus all my life. As if they could be my best friends. And it killed me not knowing what happened afterwards with Hazel. I Just leave it here! :)

REMINDER: You should prepare a hanky or tissue for CHAPTER 20-25. :)) 

“there is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars” 


I just hope the film for The Fault in Our Stars will not ruin or change the characters. I feel like a nerd saying this but I can't seem to put down the book. And If you want to know what Im saying, or what Im trying to say about this blog then please read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. That's a must read.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love being BROKE. . .

Hi Guys! Sorry it's taking me a week and a half  to update again! Been busy kasi HIHIH So I decided it was about time to blog again and what better way to start blogging by sharing with you all  how I got B.R.O.K.E. Uh-huh  BROKE not as in Brokenhearted or what BUT BROKE as in having completely run out of money.

It's my first time go online shopping. First Im afraid if I pay, then they will not send me items or bad quality. I have this random questions like "what do you think is't worth to buy?" "I'm always afraid to choose the wrong sizes,  do u think online shopping is trustable? " But came up with HOOOKAY!! Why not give it a try? There's no harm in branching out and trying something different naman. RIGHT?  

 I've Tried online shopping within our local place. (Zamboanga Based) I never faced any problem with them.  (SO FAR) I always get quality products at reasonable prices here. LOOK!! (in no particular order). "I don't get paid to advertise these things and I don't promote products that I don't believe in. So for those that follow me on Instagram and read this blog, please know that whatever I talk about here I have actually used, liked and am very confident in."

"Sweet Pieces to accesorize your wrist! Affordable Handmade Armcandies with Love and Trendy Watches and more pretty finds."

Visit her shop when you can, it's definitely a shop that sells QUALITY products and at GOOD prices. And to my readers, I will NEVER feature or write about a shop or a product that I myself do not LOVE or USEChoosy ako Haha!  Dont worry the owner Alyssa is friendly.

NOW I love shopping online, especially accessories and dress because there is always a good selection of products. And you really need to give 80% trust. HIHIH

Peppermint retail and pre-order shop, where you can see blouses, watches, shoes, and so on. Pls do visit their shop. :) 

It's so easy and fun! Of course there are sites out there who will rip you off but just use common sense before you buy anything and I think you'll be fine. I think most stores are being honest naman. And Check their Feedbacks  very well :)

To all bookworms, booklovers, nerdy! here's where you can buy books.
  Visit their facebook and  Instagram to get your own ebooks for such a cheap price! :) and for faster and smooth transaction :)  Thanks TRICIA of ebooksph :D ! 

and also visit to 

The Book Shop Zamboanga

Looking for paperback books to take on your vacation, to de-stress, to read during weekends and holidays? Well Here's an Online Book shop where you can order books. Try visit their pages.

TWITTER:: @TheBookShopZC
FACEBOOK: The Book Shop Zamboanga
INSTAGRAM: Here's to my  John Green books Paper Towns, The Fault in the stars

 If you have no time to go around the mall and shop for a shoes, then try and check out  on  Facebook and Instagram! actually has been responsible for over 80% of the shoes. Their shop offers quality shoes at good prices.  SUPER COMFY! 



Here's to my first ever online shop from Manila. If you want a super duper FAST transaction, then please visit her pages :) 

"If you have a pension for anything chic and hip, you've come to the right place.! Ferel free to look around. You might just tick something off your wishlist."

FACEBOOK: Three Wishes Shop

Remember, it's not always about the Items being cheap, it's about it being WORTH IT. :)

Here's some of the shops i would really like to shoppe! :D God I am STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW. When I'm looking at clothes and shoes , I am thinking "how would I look in this?" Mouth starts WATERING. YES! Try to visit their shops! As in you will definitely agree to me!.

The only bad thing about shopping is when you're done, you're BROKE. =)

Friendly Reminder: Maybe you can inform yourself about the quality and the timeliness about an online shop before do anything. You can ask people, or just take a look on internet, and then you are quite safe! So, trust on online shopping, and be always sure that what you need what you buy!

That's all folks! Hope you come back for more entries! :)
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things why I love INSTAGRAM | Food Edition


Hi guys! I feel like I haven't done a post dedicated to my INSTAGRAM since im inlove with it, so here are a few things that I'm loving right now- through my iPhone's eyes, lets start with this cheapy foody! Enjoy! :) 


Here's to a very PINOY ice cream, Nestle Durian Delight! So far for me its good and yummy naman.! Durian Smells like hell, takes like heaven. (alright! I know not all will agree!) HAHAH BUT trust me its good. :P


Two of my favorite flavors of blackpearl was CHOCOLATE KISSES and BLACK FOREST. it will definitely fits for a very hot weather!!


I don't know why I love milk tea so much! OOLONG TEARRIFIC is pretty much delish! This is my fave among the tea's that they're selling. I tried also the WINTERMELON its quiet okay din naman.


Craving for something sweet?? Tas naalala ko to, it was given by my cousin from manila, You must try this, a must try! SARAAAP!! CHOCO VRON cookies and cream :9


When it comes to polvoron you're the one Goldilocks! :DD HAHA YUUUUP! If you want to send me polvorons PINIPIG and CASHEW is way too delish! This is my all time fave flavored polvoron :)


Here's perfect meryenda HAHA solve na ko if I have thiiiiiissss. Ooops! SORRY for the mixed combi :) 


It's great to be with these Mcdo Fries and McFloat, It'll complete your whole afternoon :D HAHA good combi everytime :D


Mogu mogu is the best!. Small mogu mogu is not enough, so far its the best drink. I wanna try all the flavors. waaaaaaah!

Mogu Mogu Pineapple and Mango 

Here's to my Childhood Junkies, 
One of my favorite snacks from childhood: Haw Flakes. Once you start, cannot stop. :D HAHA POTO SEKO gosh! I missed this! Ikaw ba? TOMI and HUMPY DUMPY! Where are you now? And now Im Craving! Ughh!!


Childhood memories would not be complete without these cutie patootie Curly Tops chocolate! Fave cheap chocolate ever since. Napaisip lang does anyone knows why is it called curly tops if it's not curly? HAHA

Chocolate chip cookies 

Love is like a cookie. Delicious to taste but crumbles once you bite it. So what! As long as its a chocolate chip cookie, i don't mind.. HAHAH chocolate chip cookies and milk makes everything so much better. TRY IT!!

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you guys enjoyed this super duper light entry. Will be updating again some time this week. Hope you come back for more entries! :)